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  • Monday, October 28, 2002


    No one left to care...

    Hitchens. (Sorry, but it's a Salon Premium article and I refuse to give Talbott any money that might go to Andy Sullivan.)

    Christopher Hitchens talks about his beef with the Nation, the "filthy menace" of Saddam Hussein, and how the left ceded its moral credibility by opposing the war against Islamic fascism

    Maybe it's me, but does anyone really care about Chris Hitchens? Isn't this just a case of media navel-gazing regarding a very minor journalist/celebrity? I mean, jeez, this guy is sooooo big that, coupled in a panel with Andy Sullivan, they managed to draw a whole 200 people to a seminar at NYU. 200 ? That's friggin embarassing (if Hitch and Sully were capable of being embarassed). Outside of Richard Hatch from Survivor has there ever been so much written about someone who is such a flyspeck in the cultural landscape?

    Somebody wake me when the sodden twit is discovered drowned in a pool of his own vomit...

    posted by tbogg at 10:09 PM



    Stupid Cop, Bad Cop

    over at The Self Made Pundit.

    posted by tbogg at 9:53 PM



    Nursing Student Exercises Second Amendment Rights....

    NRA ignores it.

    posted by tbogg at 9:48 PM



    Hi. I'm Erika Harold. I'll be your tour guide to Fantasyland....

    Salon has an article up on Erika Harold. Who? You know...Miss America?

    This is the first time I've actually seen a picture of Ms. Harold and I was suprised to see that she looks a bit like a mocha version of Paula Jones, minus the penis-nose. Now we all know that she raised a bit of a stink because she wants to promote sexual abstinence as Miss America, under the mistaken belief that teenagers give a Britney's ass what she thinks, but I thought this little tidbit about her younger life was interesting:

    Harold responded to the "encouragement" by sticking to the subject of youth violence during the national pageant and immediately after, when she flew to Brussels for the launch of the World Health Organization's Report on Violence and Health, and garnered the support of several other social and political advocacy groups, including the Anti-Defamation League and the National Center for Victims of Crime. She repeated a litany of heartbreaking stories about the racial and sexual harassment she suffered in the ninth grade, a brutal time in which she said she was called a whore and a slut, and discovered that kids were pooling lunch money to buy a rifle to kill her.

    ...and I liked this from People magazine:

    Even Harold's tormenters may not fully understand what prompted their cruelties. "She dressed to get attention and was kind of shallow and naive," says an unrepentant former male classmate who took part in the harassment (and wants to remain anonymous). "Some of the teasing definitely went over the line, but what Erika got was what's pretty typical in high school."

    So basically Erika is .....Tracy Flick.

    posted by tbogg at 9:40 PM



    Bush's poll numbers approaching his IQ

    Okay. It's Dick Morris, Fox, and NewsMax which is the trifecta of stupidity, but you got to love the part where Morris calls President Cowardly Lyin' a "pussy";

    A new Fox News Dynamics poll set for release Tuesday shows that President Bush's job approval numbers are plummeting.

    "There has been a major development in the polling, according to the Fox News poll that was completed on Friday," former White House political guru Dick Morris told Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes."

    "Bush has really been hit in the last two weeks with a big fall," the top strategist revealed.


    "Bush, on the one hand, is telling the American people that we have this super-crisis with Iraq," the top consultant explained. "And then he futzes with Paris and the United Nations, he campaigns in South Carolina eating rubber chicken, and he's not acting like a president whose country is under siege."

    Morris said that Bush needs to "set a deadline for the U.N., stop negotiating with France - stop looking like a p---y."

    Apparently NewsMax is tooooooo delicate to spell it out. Carl Limbacher is such a pussy.

    I await the latest from Andy Sullivan decrying anti-pussy bigotry.....

    posted by tbogg at 9:13 PM



    The TV habits of President Boy Meets World...

    Apparently George W Bush, whose curiosity only extends to trying to see what happens when he puts his tongue in a wall socket, doesn't want to see anything that conflicts with his limited world view..

    Before President Bush boards Air Force One, his staff makes sure that the plane's TVs are tuned to nearly anything other than cable news. Otherwise, Bush might spot CNN or FOX NEWS and demand, as he has in the past,"Who turned that on?!"

    NYT White House reporter Elisabeth Bumiller has filed a report set for Tuesday's Page Ones which reveals details of Bush's in-air sanctuary.

    I'm guessing that ESPN might be the most challenging thing he ever sees outside of Blues Clues and Facts of Life reruns...

    posted by tbogg at 8:58 PM



    Walter to the rescue...

    Looks like the good folks over at Democratic Underground are going to get their wish and Walter Mondale is going to fill in for Wellstone.

    Republicans began to gear up Monday to oppose former Vice President Walter Mondale, who appears likely to step in as a Senate candidate after Sen. Paul Wellstone was killed in an airplane crash on Friday. Democrats need to keep the Minnesota seat to help protect their one-seat Senate edge. Republican candidate Norm Coleman has suspended his campaign at least until after a memorial service for Wellstone is held Tuesday.

    REPUBLICANS MONDAY questioned Mondale’s readiness, noting he has not held elective office since 1981 and has not run a campaign since losing by a landslide to Ronald Reagan in 1984

    I believe that 1984 is also the last time Strom Thurmond had a bowel movement, but you don't hear the Democrats mentioning that (thank the imaginary deity of your choice). So while Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms are sharing a double room and ventilator at Walter Reed, and they have to keep Dick Cheney away from microwaves, lest he crumple to the floor and start flopping like a landed trout, the Republicans are questioning Mondale's "readiness". Give me a friggin' break.

    It's 2002 and Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Rummy are running the goverment like it was 1954, but without the family values...

    posted by tbogg at 8:35 PM



    I'll be out in time for the tailgate before the Packers game, right?

    Wisconsin has the nicest criminals.

    GREEN BAY, Wis. - Police officers probably wish all car chases were this easy.

    A 22-year-old Green Bay man led police on a chase that often moved as slowly as 20 mph and ended in the Brown County Jail's parking lot. The man parked his pickup in the jail's lot, smoked a cigarette, got out of the truck and lay face-down on the ground to be arrested, police said.

    He allegedly told the officers he knew he was drunk and was going to be sent to jail, so he just drove himself there

    A twenty mile per hour chase? With a little less cheese, brats, and beer the police should have been able to run him down on foot...

    posted by tbogg at 4:02 PM



    If his name was Bush, he'd still be watching his wife strip for a living....

    Henry Alfonso had the bad luck to be born with the wrong last name.

    Henry Alfonso was arrested for allegedly dealing the prescription painkiller OxyContin. But he's in prison now because a small adhesive patch on his arm tested positive for traces of cocaine.

    Alfonso's case is the first in Massachusetts to challenge the reliability of the sweat patches, which are used by federal courts across the country to test for various drugs, including cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamines.

    Alfonso, 32, insists he has never used cocaine. He claims the six positive test results he has had since April were caused either by cocaine residue left in his apartment by a previous tenant or traces of the drug that may have been on cash his wife brought home from her job as a stripper.

    Alfonso was arrested in December for allegedly attempting to buy OxyContin from an undercover agent and mailing OxyContin from Florida. After he was released on bail, probation officials began applying the patch on Alfonso each week to test him for drug use. Three months ago, after one of the patches tested positive for cocaine, Alfonso was sent to jail.

    Bummer. This could have been him.

    Given his choice...maybe not.

    posted by tbogg at 3:51 PM



    We could send Paul O'Neill...he cries convincingly....

    The Bush administration can't decide who is going to represent it at Paul Wellstone's memorial service:

    Q: Can you tell me -- us, who is going to Wellstone's memorial service?

    MR. FLEISCHER: Yes, the memorial service is on Tuesday. We are ascertaining who the appropriate official will be. We will have something to say on that tomorrow.

    Q: Who is that memorial service for? I didn't catch that.

    MR. FLEISCHER: Senator Wellstone.

    Q: Is there any chance the President will go?

    MR. FLEISCHER: No. If you take a look at the historical record of when a sitting senator dies in office, no the President will not go. This has not been the past pattern. We will send an appropriate official.

    Apparently Bush can't attend because government scientists working around the clock have yet to come up with an anti-smirk potion for President Might Be Struck By Lightning. The administration also doesn't want to send Vice President Dick Cheney because they are afraid he'll be interred by mistake, which would be really embarassing, but perfectly understandable...

    Does this also mean that, should Strom Thurmond elect to take a dirt nap in the next couple of weeks, Bush will avoid Strom's funeral like a mandatory military drug test?

    posted by tbogg at 11:41 AM


    Sunday, October 27, 2002


    Making the CIA & FBI look good

    You know, Tom DeLay probably could have told Putin that the gas was a bad idea. Are we supposed to attack Russia now that they're gassing their own people.? Does Russia now join the Axis of Evil with Iraq, Iran, and North Korea?

    This puts a considerable amount of pressure on President Get Your War On, as he assembles his International coalition against Iraq, officially dubbed the Axis Bold As Love, currently made up of England, Australia, Spineless Democrats and the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.

    posted by tbogg at 10:09 PM



    Then again, how do we tell if Jeb! wasn't lying back then like he does now?

    Holy! Shit! Jeb! endorses! McBride!

    (Warning link contains sound as well as images of Jeb! who would be the personification of evil in Florida if it weren't for Katherine Harris...Another warning: link to Harris may cause sterility or at least make your dick go as dead as Bob Dole's).

    posted by tbogg at 9:56 PM



    Finally...some good news.

    TPM looks at the how some of the races are shaping up.

    posted by tbogg at 9:47 PM



    Fashion fox pas

    Just finished watching the Fox Sports World Series post-game awards ceremony and it occurred to me that someone really needs to tell Jeannie Zelasko that a three-strand pearl choker is really not a suitable fashion accessory at a sporting event. Usually they're only worn by a naked oiled-up woman in Penthouse magazine, photographed licking a five-inch stiletto heel of a pump worn by another naked woman.

    Oh yeah. Congratulations Angels. Now go get some starting pitching.....

    posted by tbogg at 9:43 PM



    Sorry. No money for smaller classrooms..I gave it all to my brother, the Savings & Loan defrauder...

    Why is this not suprising in the least?

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- A software company run by Neil Bush, a younger brother of Gov. Jeb Bush, hopes to sell a program to Florida schools that students would use to prepare for the test that is key to the governor's education policy


    Ignite spokeswoman Louise Thacker denied the company had an unfair advantage because its founder and CEO, Neil Bush, is a brother of Florida's governor.

    A spokeswoman for the state Department of Education said Friday that Ignite officials had not approached the state about its product. Mike Eason, formerly the top technology official for the department, is a member of an Ignite advisory board.

    Katie Muniz, a spokeswoman for Gov. Bush, said the governor has never talked with his brother about the business

    At which point polygraphs throughout Florida commenced exploding, sending up great mushroom clouds of debris darkening the sky just like a Left Behind novel.

    As for Neil:

    Neil Bush gained notoriety as director of the Silverado Savings & Loan in Colorado, whose failure cost taxpayers $1 billion and led to a grand jury investigation during the term of his father, President George H.W. Bush. Neil Bush was never charged.

    These guys make the Gotti's look like Osmonds.

    posted by tbogg at 9:34 PM



    Honey? Can you get the door? I think it's for you...

    Actually this would be a good way to answer the door when the Mormon's come a knockin'...

    posted by tbogg at 9:21 PM



    We have always been at war with Saddam...or: Does Andy Sullivan ever read what he writes?

    Andy Sullivan writes:

    THE ORWELL DEBATE: Sadly, it was mobbed. The hall was far too small to accommodate the crowds and many were turned away. I can't believe NYU doesn't have a larger hall than one that sits a couple hundred at most. But once it got under way, the event was great.

    We now know that two hundred people constitutes a "mob". Would this mean that, say, 300 people would be a massive crush of humanity? But that's quibbling. Let's move on to more important matters:

    Hitch was splendid - half after-dinner jokester, half passionate moralist. He made one point in particular that resonated. On the way there, we were confronted with protestors with "No War On Iraq" posters. Hitch noticed the Orwellian resonance of this slogan. The slogan, strictly speaking, is a lie, one of many promoted by the anti-war left and right. There is no possibility of a war with "Iraq." Half the country - inhabited by the Kurds and Shia Muslims is already protected from Saddam's murderous designs by British and American air-power. The remaining rump is not a country as such; it's a population terrorized by a police state run by a sadistic maniac. We are not therefore at war with the country or people of Iraq; and by equating Saddam with Iraq, these so-called "peace-protestors" are de facto parties to his vile propaganda, the notion that Iraq is Saddam and Saddam is Iraq.

    It seems that Andy has decided to take control of the language.

    I'm sure the people of Iraq will will make this all important distinction that we are not really at war with them when the bombs start falling on Baghdad...unless, of course, they die in the "war-that-is-not-really-a-war" , in which case the distinction will probably be lost for eternity. And if Saddam should retaliate against American cities, which he has shown no inkling of even attempting, I personally will rationalize this (body counts and all) and take solace in the fact that Saddam is really only at "war" with George W Bush, the unelected President.

    So remember... if we are at war with Iraq, we really aren't at war with Iraq. We're just the collateral damage in a pissing match between a maniac, a drunken fratboy deserter, and the oil companies that pull his strings.

    posted by tbogg at 9:16 PM


    Saturday, October 26, 2002


    Things you really don't want to know

    Want to know about Kathie Lee Gifford's first sexual experience?

    Yeah. Me neither, but it's not near as creepy as Celine Dion's.

    Go on. Click on it. You know you want to...

    posted by tbogg at 8:05 PM



    Yes. That's why they call it dope...

    Two Men Busted For Drying Marijuana, Right Under Cop's Nose

    Chattanooga Police tell us two men were driving along Rossville Boulevard with two hefty sacks of marijuana. It needed to be dried out.

    They had what they thought was a brilliant idea; to pull into the Fast Food and Fuel convenience store at the intersection with 28th Street because they have a microwave oven inside.

    That was about 7:30 Friday morning, about the time an officer's patrol car was parked outside.

    Yeah. I've never seen any police around a Mini-mart, that sells donuts and coffee, at 7:30 in the morning.

    But police say Rudy Raines went inside, saw Officer David Ashley, spoke to him for a moment, then went right over to the microwave oven. And yes, he put his stash into the oven, turned up the heat, and filled the store with the aroma of marijuana.

    I have nothing to add to this.....

    posted by tbogg at 7:57 PM



    Can you speak up a little louder?

    Bush wants America to speak with one voice.

    Can you hear me now?


    How about from here?

    Puerto Rico?

    posted by tbogg at 5:43 PM



    Hey! I'm trying to act all sincere over here! No. Really!

    Andy on Wellstone:

    In New York today, I just heard of Senator Wellstone's death, and that of his wife, daughter and colleagues. I disagreed with a huge amount of what he believed in, but he was one of the most sincere, passionate and genuine people in American politics today. This is terrible news for all of us who value diversity of opinion and liveliness of debate in a democratic society. May he and all who died with him rest in peace.

    Yeah. In honor of the diversity of opinion that he so values, he created the von Hoffman, Raines, and Sontag awards.

    Thanks for caring, Andy.

    posted by tbogg at 5:11 PM



    Harvey Pitt speaks! Harvey Pitt lies! Life in the Redundant Zone

    Harvey and the Pussycats pick tired old Republican hack to act all tough and stuff with the accounting industry.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday picked former FBI Director William H. Webster to head a new accounting oversight panel in a partisan vote that symbolized how politically charged accounting reform has become in the current climate of financial scandal.

    In a 3-2 vote, SEC Chairman Harvey L. Pitt and two other Republican commissioners chose Webster and four other candidates -- including former California pension official Kayla J. Gillan -- over more than 450 applicants to serve on the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

    The vote came at the end of an hourlong meeting marked by acrimony and impassioned speeches on both sides.

    The decision left SEC Commissioners Harvey Goldschmid and Roel Campos -- both Democrats -- disappointed because they had favored John H. Biggs, a New York pension fund executive with a reputation for backing tough new regulations for the accounting industry.

    The rancor over Webster's appointment comes as investors and policymakers are looking to the SEC to restore confidence in corporate bookkeeping. A wave of accounting scandals began last year when evidence surfaced that energy trader Enron Corp. used off-the-books partnerships and questionable accounting practices to hide its deteriorating financial condition. Enron's main auditor -- accounting firm Arthur Andersen -- was convicted in June of obstruction of justice for shredding Enron financial documents.

    Campos said the rejection of Biggs underscores the perception that the SEC remains too closely aligned with the interests of the accounting industry, which had lobbied for Webster. He predicted that the board would face a legal challenge from disgruntled reform advocates, hampering the board's effectiveness. Others discounted that possibility, however.

    Pitt made an emotional defense of his choice of Webster, saying he was not pressured by the accounting industry to back the former FBI director.

    "I am fiercely independent. I am beholden to no one," Pitt said.

    Later Pitt headed off to the Mustang Ranch in Nevada to pick up his Whore of the Year Award.

    Just like last week when the press when to Son of Sam for his opinions on the Washington Sniper, yesterday they went to Phi Gramm for his opinion on this choice:

    Echoing the comments of many of his fellow Republicans, Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas called the SEC's new accounting panel "a quality board, which all objective observers will find acceptable.... For someone to criticize Chairman Pitt for not nominating their choice of chairman, or members, over the choice of the majority of the commission seems to me unfair and wholly political."

    This of course is the same Phil Gramm who has been holding the Financial markets coats while they have raped the shareholders and the general public. And should we mention his wife Wendy Gramm who was on the audit commitee and board at Enron, and was shocked, shocked I tell you, at what shennanigans were going on under carefully averted eyes? Nah. We'll leave that to the business reporters who should be reporting on this any day now....

    By the way Phil, good luck at your new job.

    There is corruption, and then there is Noah Cross-type corruption. The kind that is so evil that it never sees the light of day.

    posted by tbogg at 5:04 PM


    Friday, October 25, 2002


    Sullivan, Bigotry, and Harry Belafonte

    Salon, which still carries Andy Sullivan because Sully must have pictures of David Talbott with a goat or something, has Sullivan's latest article up on Harry Belafonte and bigotry. I was going to write something about this, but Rittenhouse and Ehrenstein both said it so much better. Then again, they're both professional writers. Me? I'm just a smart-ass. But a funny smart-ass.

    posted by tbogg at 6:15 PM



    Give credit where credit is due

    Peggy Noonan wrote some nice things about Wellstone. It is very heartfelt.

    Although her comment about Candy Crowley was laughable....

    posted by tbogg at 6:04 PM



    Friday fun

    Couldn't leave you this evening without a little Friday Fun Time.

    Name that Beard

    posted by tbogg at 5:58 PM



    I guess we shouldn't have farmed this out to Rush's fact-checkers...

    I guess all Aronbergs look alike in Florida.

    A campaign mailing for Republican Frank Mann blasts his opponent for a lawsuit that allegedly resulted in less money for public schools.

    But the Dave Aronberg who filed the lawsuit is not the same Dave Aronberg who's running against Mann for Senate District 27.

    The attack focuses on a lawsuit filed by a different Dave Aronberg against the Palm Beach County school system three years ago.

    The person who filed the suit is David T. Aronberg, who practices law in Boca Raton.

    The Democratic candidate running against Mann is David A. Aronberg, an assistant attorney general in West Palm Beach

    This isn't the first time that a Republican has had T & A problems in Florida.

    posted by tbogg at 3:11 PM



    Out of tragedy....

    State Officials Consider Wellstone Replacement

    State Democratic party officials say they have not yet begun to think about a replacement for Wellstone on the ballot, but acknowledged that they would quickly have to do so. Privately, sources said one name being floated around was Alan Page, an African-American state Supreme Court justice and former Minnesota Vikings football player. Former senator and vice president Walter Mondale is another name being kicked around by political insiders

    Oh my. Wouldn't that be interesting....Alan Page.

    Karl Rove must be having a stroke at the thought of that....

    posted by tbogg at 1:44 PM



    Lisa Beamer gets a royalty check everytime they play the school fightsong

    Federal Way's Beamer High will honor 9/11 hero

    FEDERAL WAY -- For the students at the new high school opening next year, it should be easy to choose a slogan to boost school spirit: "Are you guys ready? Let's roll!"

    That's because the school will be named for the man who made that phrase famous: Todd Beamer, the passenger on a plane hijacked Sept. 11, 2001, who is credited with helping to lead an assault on the terrorists aiming the jet at Washington, D.C. The plane, United Airlines Flight 93, instead crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, killing all aboard

    I love this:

    For Justin Drayer, a Kilo Junior High student who lives in the Beamer High attendance zone, the name choice is a good one.

    "He was, like, all heroic and stuff," Justin said yesterday. "If he wasn't there, the plane would have crashed into the White House. It was pretty amazing."

    ...and this:

    Justin voted for Beamer in a non-binding poll of the 1,600 students bound for the new school.

    So did Olga Kondratyev, a Kilo eighth-grader.

    "He, like, fought for our country, and he deserves it," Olga said.

    So lets, like, roll, or, you know, whatever...

    (thanks to alert reader sbk for this one)

    posted by tbogg at 1:29 PM



    "Is it irresponsible to speculate? It would be irresponsible not to." More Noonan Notes.

    This week Peggy takes on the Washington Sniper.

    It's over. Or at least it appears to be. Black October is over, and the children around Washington can once again feel safe, or as safe as children these days are allowed to feel. They're all little veterans of national trauma now.

    When I told my son Thursday morning--I stuck my head in his room and said, "They caught the snipers, it's over"--relief washed across his face like a series of small waves. "Who was it?" he asked. "Are they sure?" He wanted the facts so he could put a picture together in his mind. The picture would be of a monster locked hard behind bars, an unarmed monster in chains.

    But then Peggy takes us on E-Ticket ride to Conjectureland:

    What a surprise, the profile of the oldest suspect. I imagined a brilliant Ted Bundy-type serial killer, not a more competent Richard Reid or a more elusive Timothy McVeigh, which is how John Allen Muhammad looks to me, at least at the moment. No one who knew him is talking so far of his intellectual gifts. I was also imagining a cell of al Qaeda operatives, not an unaffiliated two-man crew. But then soon we may find out what mosque Muhammad frequented, if any, and what friends he had there, if any, and what assistance he received, if any, and the story may change.


    Soon we'll probably see the pictures of Muhammad posing in the backyard with his rifle, as we did with Oswald. Soon we'll probably hear reports of abuse of his wives, as Oswald abused his. Soon we'll hear the facts of his conversion to his new belief. Communism, radical Islam--authoritarian ideologies always seem to promise a sense of coherence to the truly lost.


    If they are charged and tried it is hard not to guess that it will be some trial, with Muhammad making speeches, perhaps demanding to represent himself, perhaps eager to tell America how it is evil, a victimizer of the weak of the world, a victimizer of the Muhammads of the world.

    Peggy has taken on the great American disease...leaping ahead of the facts. Repeated readings of Tom Clancy have made the average man on the street think he's a cold war military planner and geo-political strategist. CSI and Thomas Harris books make us feel that we too can be profilers and crime scene investigators. The X-Files teach us that there is a conspiracy behind even the most banal of events (see my own note below on the Wellstone crash). I realize that Ms Noonan is not a journalist, but rather a 'pundit', but since Muhammad was just arrested yersterday shouldn't we wait on just a few facts to get out before trying to make this into a worldwide conspiracy that, if the administration gets it's way, leads back to saddam Hussein... so, hey, let's go bomb him?

    Noonan would love for this guy to be an al Qaeda supporter because it would fit into her neat little vision of the world. But it's more likely he's just a guy who took his perceived grievances on the road, shot some people to make himself feel more in control of the external world, and thought he would pick up some cash while doing it.

    Until Muhammad talks, no one really knows, but the chatter of conjecture seems to fill the air.

    posted by tbogg at 1:07 PM



    Why do you think they call it "flash photography"?

    A nude man who flashes his victims, then takes a photo of them with a camera as he exposes himself, struck twice in Columbus on Oct. 15.

    One incident was at about 6 p.m. on the northeast side, near Gahanna, at an apartment complex just north of Morse and Cherrybottom roads. The other was at about 8:35 p.m. in the 200 block of Broadmeadows Boulevard in Clintonville.

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    He ate my homework and shot me in the foot

    BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. -- Pheasant season took an ugly turn for Michael Murray when he was shot by Sonny, his year-old English setter pup.

    The puppy knew something was very wrong when Murray dropped to the ground with blood spurting from his ankle. "Sonny just laid by my side," Murray said. "He knew something was bad."

    Maybe the NRA can set up a gun education project for dogs like they have for kids. They can call the mascot: Eddie Beagle.

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    Idle hands and an empty mind are the Devil's playground

    Won't you please help. Give what you can.

    My fellow Americans and concerned members of the international community:

    In the last few months, it has become increasingly apparent that the Bush administration is locked on course for a full-scale military invasion of Iraq. Nothing, it appears, will deter our President and his advisors from such an action. Saddam's acceptance of U.N. weapons inspectors has been played down by the administration, and the general disapproval of other countries, as well as their refusal to participate, has led only to arrogant posturing from our leader. The President's speeches have reflected this determination in the past months, as references to America's flagging economy have been phased out gradually in favor of fiery rhetoric about Saddam Hussein and his alleged weapons of mass destruction

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    Not to go all tinfoil-hat, but I just don't like the looks of this...

    Paul Wellstone

    My hope is that Jesse Ventura will do the right thing. I feel bad for the remaining Wellstones, worse for Minnestota, and even worse for the United States.

    So what is Walter Mondale up to these days?

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    Knowing a man by the friends he keeps...

    More proof that Bush hates Americans.

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 — The Bush administration is closely monitoring a private lawsuit accusing members of the Saudi royal family of ties to Al Qaeda, and may move in a federal court here to dismiss or delay the suit, which was brought by relatives of Sept. 11 victims, according to administration officials.

    Government laywers, the officials said, are trying to determine whether the case threatens to damage Saudi-American relations, which would give them reason to block the suit. The suit seeks $1 trillion in damages and is being pursued here by nearly 3,000 of the relatives

    Bush will spin this as part of "tort reform"...

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    Took the night off, last night, so let's get started...

    For weeks it was Iraq, Iraq, Iraq...then it was sniper, sniper, sniper, now that President Books About Bunnies has his resolution, and the sniper has been caught, we can all relax now, right?


    FBI: al-Qaida rail strikes possible

    Can't have the common folk suddenly realizing that the economy is falling apart, better to keep them distracted. Karl Rove would have driven the getaway car if he could have kept the sniper story going for three more weeks. And if a few more people were killed, Rove would have thought of it as 'taking one for the team'": Bush's team.

    Bush's America...if you aren't living in fear, you're paying attention to the things they don't want you to see.

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    Thursday, October 24, 2002


    My name is George and I liked your book tremendsly, tremendosley, tremndos, a lot...

    Hop on over to trr and see evidence that George Bush actually read a book and wrote to the author afterwards...

    Apparently Bush is now reading Flowers for Algernon, but only the parts he understands...

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    Thin-Skinned Ari and the Not So Very Good, Terribly Bad, Really Mean, Critical Reporter

    Looks like Dana Milbank's article on Bush's problems with facts got Ari Fleischer's pate all sweaty:

    The Oct. 22 front-page story "For Bush, Facts Are Malleable" was both substantively flawed and a distortion of what the president has said.

    The story also compared recent presidential statements to those of other presidents, including Bill Clinton, who the story says "fibbed famously and under oath," and to Richard Nixon's "Watergate denials." Those were crimes that shook the nation. President Bush's statements are facts supported by the record.

    For example, in his Cincinnati speech on Iraq, the president said, "We're concerned that Iraq is exploring ways of using these [unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs] for missions targeting the United States." The story declares that sentence to be "dubious, if not wrong," because the writer wrongly interprets the president to be saying that Iraq would launch the UAVs from Iraq. The president never suggested that. The threat from UAVs would come from their being launched from a ship or a truck or by their being smuggled into the United States.

    True, the president stated that the International Atomic Energy Agency said Iraq could possess nuclear weapons in as few as six months. It was in fact the International Institute for Strategic Studies that issued the report concluding that Iraq could develop nuclear weapons in as few as six months. The source may be different, but the underlying fact remains the same, despite the story's declaration of the president's argument, once again, as "dubious, if not wrong."

    Each point in The Post's story is refuted by the facts. It is The Post's reporting that is dubious, if not wrong.


    Press Secretary

    The White House

    Ooooooooooooooooooo. Ari is sooooo manly when he becomes engorged with righteous indignation. No more inside scoops for you, Dana Milbank, on how Churchillian, Prince Hal-like, John Wayne-esque, President Rally Monkey can be, behind the scenes, when he's fighting evildoers. Bad journalist! Baaad journalist!

    (thanks to alert reader JT for this

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    From the Journals of Dian Fossey...

    More hooting and feces throwing over at Free Republic about the sniper.

    It's the Holy Trifecta of Freeper-dom. According to them the suspects are illegal aliens, Muslims and...(wait for it...) gay.

    The fact that they are black is just gasoline on the fire for the trailer-park crowd.

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    Empty suit debates empty chair

    Doug Forrester finally found a way to win a debate.

    EWING - U.S. Senate candidate Douglas Forrester debated last night against an empty chair. For once, it was clear who won.

    Forrester, a Republican, spent an hour engaged in a very one-sided debate on radio station NJ 101.5. His Democratic opponent, Frank Lautenberg, declined to appear.

    That prompted NJ 101.5 news director Eric Scott to criticize Lautenberg for declining the station's invitation.

    "To my left is Douglas Forrester, Republican for U.S. Senate," said Scott, who hosted the debate. "To his right is an empty chair."

    That was a theme Scott repeated often throughout the hour-long broadcast.

    Don't you just love petulant news directors?

    Look for Forrester to join Mike Taylor and Bill Simon on the Los Tres Perdedores tour coming to a supermarket Grand Opening in your neighborhood.

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    There! I gave the speech. Now give me my friggin' Xanax!!!

    First Lady Laura Bush visits St Louis.

    Laura Bush, the president's wife, visited Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School on Wednesday to emphasize to students the need for strong values and helping other people in a world of turmoil and distrust.

    "We know honesty, compassion, self-discipline and perseverance are important," Bush said at the school in Maplewood. Tolerance and respect for lives and property should be added to the list of character traits that can be taught in school and out of school, she added.

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    Eschaton is back at his old address.


    I never cared for Atrios2002. It should have been Atrios XP...

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    U-S-A, U-S-A......we're number seventeen! U-S-A, U-S-A!!!

    According to Reporters Without Borders, the US is # 17 is press freedom.

    Reporters Without Borders is publishing for the first time a worldwide index of countries according to their respect for press freedom. It also shows that such freedom is under threat everywhere, with the 20 bottom-ranked countries drawn from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. The situation in especially bad in Asia, which contains the four worst offenders - North Korea, China, Burma, Turkmenistan and Bhutan.

    The top end of the list shows that rich countries have no monopoly of press freedom. Costa and Benin are examples of how growth of a free press does not just depend on a country's material prosperity.

    The index was drawn up by asking journalists, researchers and legal experts to answer 50 questions about the whole range of press freedom violations (such as murders or arrests of journalists, censorship, pressure, state monopolies in various fields, punishment of press law offences and regulation of the media). The final list includes 139 countries. The others were not included in the absence of reliable information.

    The poor ranking of the United States (17th) is mainly because of the number of journalists arrested or imprisoned there. Arrests are often because they refuse to reveal their sources in court. Also, since the 11 September attacks, several journalists have been arrested for crossing security lines at some official buildings.

    American reporters Howard Fineman, Candy Crowley, Frank Bruni, and Britt Hume issued a statement disputing the report saying, "No. No. Everything is good here. We are well fed with daily stories by our good friend Ari Fleischer, and Karen Hughes is like the mother we never had. We are happy. Please do not change anything. May we go now, Mr. Rove?"

    Reporters Without Borders called it "the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome we've ever seen. It's sickening, really"

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    When synapses misfire

    I'm sure Andy Sullivan was trying to make a point here:

    ANIMAL FARM: I just re-read the Orwell classic on the plane to and from Ohio. I'm prepping for the NYU panel tonight. Two re-inforced impressions, which have certainly occurred to many others before. One key shift toward totalitarianism in the novel comes when the old hymn "Beasts of England" gets replaced by Napoleon (the chief pig and Stalin figure) to a more generic song praising "Animal Farm." Orwell's point, I think, is that patriotism is, for all its faults, far more humane and progressive than its opposite. Today's left would do well to remember that, I think.

    I'm just not sure what it is. Maybe he can define for us what the opposite of patriotism is, and why it is more "humane and progressive". You know us "leftists"... we're always trying to do well.

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    Wednesday, October 23, 2002


    Is she doing the songs from Hysteria or from Pyromania?

    Modestly dressed and wearing sensible shoes, Mariah Carey announced to her fourteen remaining fans that she will be covering Def Leppard's 1993 hit "Bringin' on the Heartbreak." on her upcoming album Charmbracelet. Ms. Carey, who recently spent the last few months in a lithium haze, indicated that Charmbracelet was not her first choice for the album's name , but that hip-hop artist Lil Kim had already taken Crazyhoskank. Later at the press conference someone callously mentioned Ms Carey's last album/movie, Glitter causing Ms Carey to start twitching like Dick Cheney when he gets to close to the microwave. Her alert entourage quickly wisked her away to an awaiting windowless van.

    Songs that Ms Carey will not be covering on the upcoming Charmbracelet include Jimi Hendrix's Manic Depression, Heart's Crazy for You, and War's Slipping Into Darkness.

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    Well, he's really nice...and he's funny...and a good dancer. Did I mention he's Jewish?

    Apparently Jesus wasn't a real looker....

    Rome - Jesus was short and unattractive and was not born in a manger on December 25, according to a book by two Catholic journalists backed by the Vatican and published in Italy.

    Coming this season to PAX TV: Chris Kattan is Jesus! The Last Supper. Check your local listings.

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    Micky and Andy sitting in a tree, s-t-a-l-k-i-n-g

    I just checked in on Micky Kaus and he went exactly 684 words before he mentioned Paul Krugman. On the other hand, Andy Sullivan only made it to 90 (possibly due to a case of premature articulation). This got me to wondering. Since Sully is so proud of his Sontag/von Hoffman awards, should we possibly have a Margaret Ray Award?

    Just a thought...

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    ...and sitting in for Eric is

    Charles Pierce taking Altercation for a spin. Some choice morsels:

    This sounds like whistling past a not-inconsiderable graveyard, particularly if you factor in the possibility that the president’s brother may have to steal a potful of votes just to stay governor of Florida.

    So Tom DeLay gets a few more votes for whatever lunacy currently is banging around his melon. In case anyone was sleeping through the whole impeachment farce, the Senate Republicans pretty much treat their House brethren like the nephews who sit in the barn playing with their toes. (And welcome aboard, Congresswoman Harris.)

    All right, Democratic voters, there are the stakes. Us against Them. Go win the election. Otherwise, apologize to Ralph Nader.

    It is possible that Jeb! Bush is the most insufferable public figure alive, and that’s saying something, considering the competition he faces in his own family. (Nice of him to visit Noelle in the slammer, though.). I think he’ll steal just enough to beat McBride, who bungled last night’s debate pretty badly, according to the analysis here. (He also bungled a chance to tell Tough Timmy Russert — “Apologize To America, damn you, for not being Me!” — to p*** up a rope.)

    The NYT played this one way below the fold on A20, but Mike Taylor is back in it again in Montana. “I want to save democracy from the smear campaigns,” the Last Beegee told the AP. Thank you, Mike. Play that funky music, white boy.

    I like this guy...

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    Somewhere, Charles Darwin is smacking himself on the forehead..

    While some school districts are going to great lengths to stop the teaching of evolution, the officials at Somerville High School in New Jersey are attempting to stop some students from practicing it.

    Somerville High School officials have issued stern warnings to students and sent letters to parents after learning some students were choking each other into unconsciousness as a way to experience a high.

    The practice apparently got its start about three weeks ago among freshman football players, who were seeking a dizzying and euphoric high, according to students.

    On Friday, principal Tim O'Halleran summoned all freshmen to an assembly at the end of the day to tell them to halt the dangerous horseplay, known variously as "California High," "California Knockout" or "Deep Ten."

    If they don't let the football players play "Deep Ten" (shouldn't it be called "Six Feet Deep"?) how are we going to cull the herd?

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    What do you kids want to hear next? Horton Humps A Who or Harry Potter and the Bi-Curious Headmaster ?

    Apparently there was scheduling conflict at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library:

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. —Charlotte residents who attended a reading festival are receiving an apology from a public library director after they heard a sexually explicit passage.


    Grimsley's fifth novel tells the story of a young gay man who moves to late 1970s New Orleans and works in an adult bookstore. The excerpts read by the author included coarse language, references to homosexual sex and descriptions of items in the store.

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    Maybe I Like 'em Big and Stupid is available...

    Oh, those wacky independent candidates...

    Alan Jackson's award-winning poignant hit, "Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)" was recently yanked from a political commercial spot by the singer's label, Arista Records. The ad was paid for by Oklahoma independent gubernatorial candidate Gary Richardson, who questioned the whereabouts of Republican opponent Steve Largent on Sept. 11, 2001. Richardson had never obtained permission to use the song in the commercial

    By the next election cycle he'll be able to use Alan Jackson's "Where Are You (Now That I Have To Play Branson)".

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    As inevitable as Ari Fleischer's next lie...

    Wonder who is going to be the first "warblogger" to make the claim that the Russian theater crisis is just another example of why we have to get rid of Saddam and the Islamo-fascists, yadda yadda yadda...as if they had something to do with each other.

    Gentlemen...start your search engines....

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    With their record, you'd think they'd be worried about their own job security

    Norm Coleman is getting some unexpected (yeah...right) help in Minnesota:

    Americans for Job Security, a Virginia-based interest group that opposes the reelection of Democratic U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone, has made an unprecedented $1 million ad buy that will fill the airwaves in the last two weeks before the election, according to Wellstone campaign officials.

    Campaign manager Jeff Blodgett said the buy is so large that it may equal what Wellstone and Republican rival Norm Coleman and the two state parties each are expected to spend on media in the closing weeks.

    Who are these mysterious "Americans" who are for Job Security? Well a partial answer can be found here:

    Americans for Job Security, a 501 (c)(6) trade association, grew out of the Coalition, a loose confederation of business groups that ran issue ads in 1996 to oppose the AFL-CIO's $35 million campaign. After the Coalition split in 1997 over a dispute over strategy, Robert Vagley, president of the American Insurance Association (AIA), formed Americans for Job Security. The AIA contributed $1 million to found AJS; the American Forest and Paper Association also gave $1 million. David Carney, onetime political director in the Bush White House, serves as executive director of AJS. Michael Dubke, former head of the Ripon Society, is the president of AJS. Benjamin Ginsberg, counsel to AJS, was also counsel to George W. Bush's presidential campaign. Others associated with AJS include Republican consultant Eddie Mahe and Leigh Ann Pusey, a former aide to Newt Gingrich, who now serves as AIA=s chief lobbyist.[11]

    The AIA claims that it is no longer a member of AJS and does not contribute to the group.[12] As a 501 (c) (6) trade association, AJS does not have to disclose its donors. Since its ads do not engage in express advocacy, AJS does not need to form a political action committee. Dubke told the Omaha World-Herald, "We don=t discuss our members. The reason is we find that in other groups that have attempted to do what we're doing, that their membership becomes the issue rather than the issue they're trying to advocate. Y We find that sticking to a strict mantra of not discussing our members allows our issue to come to the forefront."[13] The American Prospect claimed that pharmaceutical companies are among the "primary funders" of AJS.[14]

    They don't have the best record though. Some snips:

    During a high-profile special House election in California in early 1998, AJS reportedly spent $50,000 on a television commercial praising the conservative economic record of GOP nominee Tom Bordonaro.[15] Bordonaro lost. Media reports show that AJS spent $2 million on television ads in the fall of 1998 that attacked Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ).

    According to the Wall Street Journal, AJS spent at least $200,000 on ads criticizing Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and $100,000 against Sen. Ernest Hollings (D-SC). Both senators were re-elected.[17] AJS also ran ads criticizing Rep. Jay Johnson (D-WI) and praising Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT). Jay Johnson lost and Nancy Johnson won.[18]

    AJS claims to have spent $10 to $12 million on political ads in 2000.[19] It played its most visible roles in three Senate races. AJS ran just over $700,000 in advertisements praising Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-MI) and attacking his opponent, Rep. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI).[20] This included an ad campaign in black newspapers accusing Stabenow of being racist and holding her responsible for the FAIR ads attacking Abraham.[21]

    The Omaha World-Herald reported in October 2000 that AJS planned to spend $250,000 on ads criticizing Ben Nelson, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Nebraska. One spot featured Sen. Chuck Hagel and Gov. Mike Johanns questioning statements Nelson, a former governor himself, had made about federal regulation of drinking water.[24]

    AJS was also active in Washington, supporting Sen. Slade Gorton (R). Eddie Mahe has been a consultant to AJS and a senior adviser to Gorton.[25] In March 2000, AJS ran spots on cable TV promoting Gorton's record on education. [26] AJS spent $105,000 on ads praising Gorton for his opposition to removing dams on the Snake River. The spots ran in June on television stations in eastern Washington, where dam removal is a major issue.[27] AJS also sponsored an advertisement attacking Democratic nominee Maria Cantwell that ran before she won her primary in September.

    For those keeping score at home: Nelson, Stabenow, and Cantwell all won in 2000. These guys strike out more than a blindfolded Mo Vaughan.

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    From Michael Chabon to Gus Van Zant to Bette Davis...

    David Ehrenstein moves smoothly from one topic to another and makes it all flow together into one great piece of writing. For my purposes I prefer the hit and run for my own blog, but David's is the real reason why blogs are a good thing.

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    A half hour later, you feel like squirting someone else again

    A MAN has been fined and ordered to pay compensation for repeatedly squirting soy sauce at another man in a Brisbane shopping mall.

    Brisbane's Magistrates Court heard Mr Price had just bought lunch and was returning to work at 1.15pm ahead of Meyer on the escalator when he was squirted in the back of the trousers.

    The court was told Mr Price reported feeling slight pressure and wetness on the back of his legs before turning around to find Meyer aiming the sachet of sauce at him.

    The part-time City Bank customer service officer dropped the sachet and pulled out a second sachet which he also dropped to the ground when the men reached the top and Mr Price threatened to call the police.

    Mr Price reported the incident to police but revealed he had been the victim of similar sauce attacks by Meyer in the past.

    I love this part:

    He told police he didn't know Meyer and hadn't given him any permission to squirt sauce at him or assault him in any way.

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    I'm pointing at you...and I'm happy to see you

    George Bush's favorite people, the Grecians, are doing important work:

    Hot on the heels of a recent study showing that a man's shoe size has nothing to do with his penis size, a new study claims that there is another method to predict a man's length

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    A perfect score gets you a dream date with John Ashcroft

    Take the ACLU Freedom Challenge

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    Message from the Planet of the Mixed Metaphors

    From Right Wing News:

    Look folks, the devil will take up ice skating in hell before the entire "free world" decides to disarm Hussein. Getting the entire "free world" to agree about Iraq would be like herding cats through a rocking chair factory while being chased by a pack of rottweilers. There's no chance it's going to happen.

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    Tuesday, October 22, 2002


    I call this one Snowshoe bunny in fresh fallen snow... dropped with my Winchester 1300...

    I guess we're too late. The deadline for the NRA's 2002 Youth Wildlife Art Contest was Friday, October 11, 2002.

    This contest afforded youngsters all across the country the opportunity to express themselves in a creative manner, by either drawing or painting a picture of an animal that they would someday like to kill.

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    Oh, just spit it out, Dana!

    Far be it from me to criticze Dana Milbank, one of the few honest journalists covering Bush. Actually calling the people that cover Bush on a regular basis "journalists" is a bit of a stretch. I believe the "grouping term" is a flock of fellators, but I could be wrong. Anyway, Dana wrote a fairly nice piece on Bush's....um...well the headline is :

    For Bush, Facts Are Malleable

    What made the article fun to read was Milbank's aversion to the "L" word. Here is a somewhat comprehensive list of aversions:

    And all three statements were dubious, if not wrong.

    his rhetoric has taken some flights of fancy in recent weeks.

    a president who won election underscoring Al Gore's knack for distortions and exaggerations has been guilty of a few himself.

    Some of Bush's overstatements appear to be off-the-cuff mistakes.

    The White House, while acknowledging that on one occasion the president was "imprecise," said it stands by his words.

    The president has also taken some liberties as he argues for his version of homeland security legislation.

    The White House said that Bush "was imprecise on this" and that the source was U.S. intelligence, not the IAEA

    In each of these charges, Bush omitted qualifiers that make the accusations seem less convincing.

    Some of the disputed Bush assertions are matters of perspective

    Other times, the president's assertions simply outpace the facts.

    Don't they just make you want to yell "Oh for god's sake...say it!"?

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    Now, all I need is Matthew and Judas and I'll have all twelve of the other guys to go with Jesus

    Okay. I went to a Chick-fil-A today and got a kids meal, and look at the cool toy that came in the box.

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    Let's see...nothing on PAX TV...click click...Holy mother of god!

    Somewhere in Washington DC John Ashcroft is trying to claw his eyes out. Meanwhile, down the street, there are strange grunting noises coming from the Clarence Thomases....

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    Boobs! Get thee behind me....

    Somewhere in Washington DC, John Ashcroft is trying to claw his eyes out...again.

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    Bush don' know nothin' bout birthin' no babies...and he don't care either

    The wonderful Molly Ivins has had enough of George Bush....again:

    Instead, there is every indication that in addition to taking away a woman's right to choose whether to have an abortion, the Bush administration is going after contraception, as well. Bush's first action on his first day as president was to reinstitute the global "gag rule" that no foreign aid can go to any women's clinic abroad that that mentions the word abortion, even when the life of the mother is at stake. Now he wants to make W. David Hager chairman of the Food and Drug Administration's panel on women's health policy. Hager is an ob-gyn from Kentucky who wants the FDA to reverse its approval of RU-486, the so-called "abortion pill."

    Although Hager is the editor of a book that includes the essay "Using the Birth Control Pill is Ethically Unacceptable," he told Maureen Dowd of The New York times he does not agree with the essay. Then why include it? He does not prescribe contraceptives for single women, does not do abortions, will not prescribe RU-486 and will not insert IUDs. Hager also believes headaches, PMS and eating disorders can be cured by reading Scripture. I do not want this man in charge of my health policy.

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    We're thinking, we're thinking... we don't work well under pressure...

    Day 20 of the Montgomery County Sniper, and the NRA still hasn't managed to fit it onto their news page. But they have come out against ballistic fingerprinting.

    Meanwhile 9 dead and three wounded.

    I think Eddie Eagle is going to have to take one in the wing before they step up to plate and admit that "something's happening here".

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    Disco Mike Taylor, hairdresser to the ranchers, jumps back into the race

    Insisting that he is not "gay", but is instead a "masochist", Mike Taylor jumped back into the race against Max Baucus today. Quite frankly, there is more chance that there will be a Charles Pickering Night at the Apollo than there is of Taylor being competitive in the Montana race.

    At a press conference, with the pulsating disco sounds of I Will Survive in the background, Taylor said:

    On October 10th I suspended my campaign, facing continued damage to my family, the destruction of my reputation, and possible negative repercussions for my party and my entire state.

    As I left, my heart was on the verge of breaking, to see the great work of democracy reduced to the slime, lies, and misrepresentations.

    I went home and I prayed -- for my family, my friends, and for all people of Montana who were hurt by the slanders and suggestions about me.

    The message, then, became clear.

    My campaign for Senate might be destroyed. My reputation might even be destroyed. But if I must go down, it should be in a good cause.

    Note to Taylor: If you have been unjustly accused of being gay, try to refrain from using expressions like: "if I must go down". Also "blowing a lead" and "What a fabulous bunch of ranchers you are! You're all so butch, I could just eat you all up right here and now!" are also major no-no's.

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    Jesus wants to know if you would like to supersize those fries

    A 25-year-old Muslim Houston resident is suing Chick-fil-A in a Houston federal court.

    Aziz Latif alleges the Atlanta-based fast-food chain's corporate purpose to glorify God discriminates against non-Christian employees.

    He says he was fired from his job at a Houston Chick-fil-A restaurant a day after he refused to pray to Jesus Christ during a training session in November 2000.

    Okay. Now they don't have Chick-fil-A's in my neck of the woods, (in fact I had never heard of them) so I went and looked up their corporate philosophy;

    For Truett Cathy, it seemed like such a simple idea: make a sandwich using chicken. But oh how his little idea took off. From modest beginnings in a tiny Georgia eatery almost sixty years ago, Chick-fil-A® has grown into one of the largest privately owned restaurant chains in the nation. Yet, from the beginning, the first priority for Truett and Chick-fil-A has never been just to serve chicken. It's to serve a higher calling.

    Our official statement of corporate purpose says that we exist "to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A." That's why we invest in scholarships, character-building programs for kids, foster homes and other community services. Come to think of it, it's also not a bad motive for striving to serve a really, really good sandwich.

    Um, okay. Chicken sandwiches for God.

    I swear. The South is a whole other country to me.

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    Shot through the ass...redux

    The NRA is concerned that this Lake City woman won't be able to pick her NRA Woman of the Year award. She can probably attend the ceremony, she just can't sit.

    I liked this part:

    Reports say the woman had just taken classes on firearm safety and she had a fear of being robbed due to past incidents.

    The woman heard something outside her home and reached over the toilet to raise the window and the gun fell into the toilet. The woman was injured when the 9 mm handgun discharged into the commode, reports say

    Note to NRA: Add "don't drop your weapon into toilet" to safety course.....

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    Monday, October 21, 2002


    Paul Krugman has lots of friends...

    Great piece of writing over at the Pennsylvania Gazette on Paul Krugman's recent article in Sunday's Times

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    Can we get a table for eight...maybe a corner booth?

    All eight Black American conservatives are planning to visit a local Beltway Denny's to have a bitch session about Harry Belafonte. Apparently, he's not acting white enough. Denny's said that they would seat them, but they seemed kind of nervous about the whole thing and were calling in an extra busboy to stand by the door. Just in case.

    Clarence Thomas issued a press release stating that he couldn't attend on such short notice since he already paid for the Spice channel for the evening and he had "big plans" wink wink.

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    That's Some Good Shit was already taken by the hemp store...

    Family Christian Stores objects to their new neighbor, The Bad Ass Coffee Company.

    posted by tbogg at 9:36 PM



    I use drugs to get over the pain of losing my dwarf

    They found drugs on the Kid Rock's tour bus. It's hard to believe a guy who looks like this would use drugs.

    posted by tbogg at 9:30 PM



    I love the smell of burning jelly dongs in the morning...it smells like...bankruptcy.

    Jesus took time out from his busy schedule being Lord and all, to tell a man in Kentucky to get out of the porn business.

    When contacted, Jesus said "So I told him it was like bad karma and shit, and he's all, "really?, and I'm all, 'Yeah. Ask my dad' and he's all, 'Um okay' and I said if he did it I would let him talk to Dale Earnhardt, and he was all, 'I'm on it, dude' ".

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    More Sullivan's travails...

    I was going to bypass commenting on our pal Andy for a while since he is getting more blog time than he truly deserves. The fact of the matter is that Andrew Sullivan is a third-rate pundit who has become the flavor of the month since he has staked out his territory as the "gay, Catholic, neo-con" who latches onto every utterance from the administration as if were the revealed word, and then proceeds to use it to attack those poor, poor lefties who are only moments away from being swept into the dustbin of history. Meanwhile he gloms onto sodden contrarian Christopher Hitchens, by constantly exclaiming, " Look! It's me, Hitchens, and Orwell. The Abraham, Martin, and John of perspicacity! " In terms of vicarious glamour, that’s a pretty low bar, even by Sullivan standards..(The day that Hitchens turns on Sullivan, I want to be there.)

    So, having said all that…I want to note his little outtake from his Sunday Times column, which I'm not even going to link, that is up on his blog, which I'm also not going to link.

    THE LEFT'S NEGATIVISM: "Ask the average leftist today what he is for, and you will not get a particularly eloquent response. Ask him what he is against, and the rhetorical floodgates open. That tells you something. Similarly, ask the average anti-war activist what she is for with regard to Iraq, what exactly she thinks we should constructively do, and the stammering and stuttering begins. Do we just leave Saddam alone? Do we send Jimmy Carter to sign the kind of deal he made with North Korea eight years ago? Will pressuring the Israelis remove the nerve gas and potential nukes Saddam has in his possession? Will ceding the West Bank to people who cheered the destruction of the World Trade Center help defang al Qaeda? They don't say and don't know. But what they do know is what they are against: American power, Israeli human rights abuses, British neo-imperialism, the "racist" war on Afghanistan, and on and on. Get them started on their hatreds, and the words pour out. No wonder some have started selling the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Central Park." - from my latest Sunday Times piece on the anti-Semitism hijacking the anti-war movement

    Aside from the fact that he now seems intent to convince us that the Left has become anti-Semitic just because we aren't in lockstep with the Sharon government, Andy posits that the Left can't tell him "what it is for", proving that his ears are closed as his mind. The world and the blogoshere are full of people that can explain to him in simple words, that even George Bush can understand, what it is that they are "for". He just has to choose to listen. But it's so much easier for Andy to play the obtuse game which allows him to be bitchy, hysterical, and self-obsessed, as if the world needed yet another Ann Coulter..

    So go ahead, Andy. Play the game to drive up those all-important hits to the Blog Where Logic and Reason Die. Maybe with a few more mentions of the dreaded Trinity of Streisand, Chomsky, and Sontag, you can attract the attention of a Scaife or Scaife-wannabe, which will lead to the Promised Land where all third-tier hacks ply their trade and fulminate for a meager paycheck: FrontPage magazine.

    Bye bye Andy…and don’t forget to write.

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    As important as dogma 95

    Mona Charen says....oh... who cares... Mona Charen...pffftttt

    Nobody reads Mona Charen any more (if they ever did), and they can't remember why they read her in the first place. I mean, jeez, she was Nancy Reagan's speechwriter, so I guess we can give her credit for "Just say no", but other than that, like really, who cares?

    Sorry I brought her up.

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    Disgruntled fired employee speaks out about guy who eventually replaced him

    George H. W. Bush, the Preppy Cadaver and failed former President who didn't win a Nobel Prize even though Michael Kelly seems to think he deserves one, and who was fired by the American voters in 1992 for poor performance, had a few thing to say in Des Moines:

    Former President George Bush said Sunday in Des Moines that his son faces the toughest times in the White House since the Civil War.

    "The fact is he is wrestling with problems probably as tough as any president has wrestled with since Lincoln," Bush said in headlining a fund-raising dinner for U.S. Rep. Greg Ganske's bid for the U.S. Senate.

    But what was more interesting was what he didn't say:

    Bush said nothing in his 15-minute address about his son's effort to oust President Saddam Hussein in Iraq - a nation whose army U.S. and allied forces drove from Kuwait in 1991, when the elder Bush was president.

    Bush also said nothing about the nation's wobbly economy, the very issue blamed for his re-election defeat in 1992


    Sunday's event in Des Moines was expected to bring in $250,000 for the Ganske campaign. The Republican congressman has raised $4.3 million for his Senate bid, and incumbent Democrat Tom Harkin has raised $8.1 million, according to the most recent campaign-finance reports.

    Bush said he wasn't visiting to disparage Harkin, although "I very rarely got a vote out of the guy," he quipped. He referred to Harkin's vote against the Persian Gulf War resolution in 1991. "Tom Harkin was unable to join me in that quest for the Senate to vote for that approval," he said.

    He later praised Iowa's Republican Sen. Charles Grassley, but he did not mention that Grassley also opposed the Gulf War resolution

    Poppy also made comments on his sons winning governerships and his marriage to this Barbara Bush, not this one, who is his granddaughter :

    Bush, now 78, joked about election night 1998 when then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush was re-elected to a second term and his brother, Jeb, was elected governor of Florida.

    He said he told his wife, Barbara, that "I believe this is the happiest day in my entire life."

    Bush said his wife responded sharply: "What about the day we were married?"

    "That was a very nice day, too," he said.

    Of course he neglected to mention his fling with Jennifer Fitzgerald, which was probably a doomed tragic affair and so it's best not to bring it up because he gets all weepy about it and probably has to go out on his cigarette boat and drive at high speeds while She's Out Of My Life blasts from the speakers....

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    Charity begins at h----oly shit! Check out that rack!

    The YWCA in Janesville, Wisconsin didn't Hooter's dirty money.

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    Did I mention how much I love Ann Telnaes?

    Her latest.

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    Today's question: Nebraska?- Springsteen album or Bush hiding place?

    Apparently Yahoo is confused about German/US relations. Headline:

    Springsteen Heals U.S.-German Wounds with Concert

    The Germans like the US, they just don't like President Häschen-hosen. Hey. We don't either. That's why more of us voted for Gore.

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    Is Garry Trudeau trying to tell us something?


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    Sunday, October 20, 2002


    Death, Taxes, and Republicans

    Someday I wanna to be able to write as well as James Capozzola (nice Italian boy that he is) over at Rittenhouse Review.


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    ...and I'll bring all eight of the people that are going to vote for me to the ticket...

    With Mike Taylor, Hairdresser to the Missoulans, dropping out of in the Montana Senate Race, the state of Montana has gotten more press than it really, really deserves. I mean, c'mon, it's Montana, for Christ's sake. When was the last time you stopped during the workday and thought "Man. I sure could use a vacation in Couer d'Alene" which is very sad because Couer d'Alene isn't even in Montana, it's in Idaho. You see, when people in Montana want to have a good time they go to Idaho, and I can't think of can't anything more pathetic than that.

    What the hell was I talking about...?

    Oh yeah. The Libertarian candidate for the Senate seat announced that he would switch to the Republican side if he won the election.

    HELENA - Stan Jones, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, promised Friday to change parties to Republican if he is elected, to give the GOP control of the U.S. Senate.

    "I would do it only if (the Republicans) appointed me to the Senate Judiciary Committee so I could pass the final vote on judges," Jones said.

    When flamboyant and disturbingly fey Republican nominee Mike Taylor dropped out of the election because he was startled to find out that he was apparently gay back in the seventies, he was holding at about about 33% of the vote. If Stan Jones were to capture all of Taylors support, and combine it with his own, he would end up with about...33% of the vote.

    Missoulans were not available for comment as they were all in Couer d'Alene gawking at the bright lights and that big city living....

    (By the way...if you're interested in visiting Couer d'Alene here is how far they have gotten on their official website.)

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    Yeah. We told Bush, but he had the blank expression on his face again. Come to think of it, he always has...

    Yeah, it's Newsmax, which is to journalism what Candy Crowley is to Jennifer Garner, but we thought it was an important story.

    PRAGUE, Czech Republic -- Czech intelligence officials have knocked down one of the few clear links between al-Qaeda terrorists and the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, UPI has learned.

    Senior Czech intelligence officials have told their American counterparts that they now have "no confidence" in their earlier report of direct meetings in Prague between Mohammed Atta, leader of the Sept. 11 hijackers and an Iraqi diplomat stationed in Prague who has since been expelled for "activities inconsistent with his diplomatic status."

    So that story that the CIA has been telling the administration is bullshit, but the administration has been peddling to a gullible populace as a cause for war, turns out to be...bullshit.

    We can expect an apology and a correction form the neo-cons...never.

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    But can they play football?

    Apparently they have a big mold problem in Alabama schools:

    In the basement of Huntsville High School, Col. Bryan Bennett runs seven dehumidifiers. Over the years, he's heard Junior ROTC cadets complain of runny noses, watery eyes and other allergic reactions.

    "They don't normally know what's wrong," Bennett said. "I don't know that the students know so much about the mold."

    Apparently state school officials are torn about getting rid of the mold as some of the more advanced forms are keeping the average statewide SAT scores 20 points higher than Mississippi's.

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    For when you don't find the Lincoln Log Cabin of Doom stimulating anymore

    More proof that the Internet is a vast wasteland...but a funny vast wasteland.

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    Stuck inside of Amherst with those Harvard Blues again...

    As you may remember from last week, the state of Massachusetts (which I am really getting tired of typing) is looking for a new state tourism motto along the lines of Virginia is For Lovers or Alabama: Darwin’s Testing Ground. For our pals in Massachusetts, we present our Official State Motto finalists:

    Even Ted can get a Lass.....When he comes to Mass
    (He just has trouble getting her home)

    Massachusetts - Don't Laugh, or We'll Sic the Salem Witches on You

    Mass Kicks Ass!

    A Great Place to Get Scrod

    Without Us, McGovern Wouldn't Have Won Anything.

    Don't Bother Us -- We've Got A Haddock

    Ass and Class…That’s Mass!

    We’re Not New Hampshire

    Nobody Loves You, But We’ve Got Beer

    For cod and country

    Floundering for nearly four centuries now

    Home of That Other Clam Chowder (note: I grew up in Manhattan)

    Rum, Romanism and Rebellion: It's not just for breakfast anymore

    Home of Springfield: for when Cooperstown just won't do

    Yankees without Steinbrenner

    Massachusetts: Keeping Connecticut away from Vermont for over 300 years

    Massachusetts: proud home of free speech for a whole bunch of decades now

    No Chowdah for you!


    Make Massachusetts your second 'home', just like Mitt Romney did!

    Massachusetts-where you can find a CVS, Dunkin Donuts, and Starbucks on every corner!

    "Massachusetts---Gary's dad pronounces it "Massatusetts"

    Visit Massachusetts. It's not Mississippi.

    Mass-achhoooo--setts. It's nothing to sneeze at

    Massachusetts: When you live here, you learn how to spell at least one really hard word correctly.

    Massachusetts: the only state Texans hate worse than California!

    Massachusetts, Gateway to Moby Dick

    Massachusetts - the state George W Bush thinks has a whole lot of chusetts in it

    Massachusetts: Wellesley Coeds!

    Massachusetts: We're not Puritans anymore.

    Massachusetts: It's easy to get to the Indian casinos in Connecticut from here.

    …and our winner:

    Massachusetts: Don't Blame Us We Voted for Gore

    Officials from the state may email me as to where to send the $300,000 check and I will forward it to the lucky winner minus the cost of my foosball table….and maybe that Thunderbirds DVD set that I’ve had my eye on…

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    First things first

    If you are having trouble finding Eschaton, try here,

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    Saturday, October 19, 2002


    Look! Up in the sky!

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently reading Comic Book Nation: The Transformation of Youth Culture in America. As author Bradford Wright points out, it was Superman comics that really began the comic book revolution. What I didn't know, was that Superman was such a ...liberal. The following snippets are about Superman comics written in 1939.

    From the book:

    The young creators cast their superhero as a "champion of the oppressed...devoted to helping those in need!" In his initial episode, Superman saves a falsely accused prisoner from a lynch mob, produces evidence that frees an innocent woman on death row, and defends a woman about to be beaten by her husband. In the second issue of Action Comics, Superman crushes a conspiracy involving a U.S. senator, a lobbyist, and a munitions manufacturer who wish to embroil the United States in a foreign war. He then ends the fraudulent Latin American war by informing them that they have been manipulated by greedy American industrialists. Echoing the Nye Committee's conclusion that "merchants of death" had conspired to involve the United States in the Great War, Superman warns that moneyed self-interest remained a menace to the national welfare.


    Other Superman stories explore the conflict between corporate greed and the public welfare. One finds Superman crushing a plot by wealthy American financiers working for a foreign power to manipulate the stock exchange and plunge the nation into another depression. His mission accomplished, Superman assures readers that "the nation is once again returning to its march toward prosperity!"


    In another story, Superman encounters a pair of wealthy and murderous stockbrokers who sell worthless stocks to hundreds of clients, some of whom commit suicide after losing their life savings. Superman, not content to simply turn the crooks over to the police, first devises a complex scheme to swindle them out of all of their cash and investments so that they must endure the humiliating poverty that they inflicted on others. Once the brokers are themselves broke, Superman delights in their misery and advises them to stop selling stock and start selling shoelaces instead.


    Superman's America was something of a paradox- a land where the virtue of the poor and the weak towered over that of the wealthy and powerful. Yet the common man could not expect to prevail on his own in this America, and neither could the progressive reformers who tried to fight for justice within the system. Only the righteous violence of Superman, it seemed, could relieve deep social problems--a tacit recognition that in American society it took some might to make right after all.


    Pretty interesting reading. Sure is a good thing that all of that bad stuff that Superman fought against is all behind us now...

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    Inconsistency is the hobgoblin of a stunted mind

    Joe Sabria, who is in his ninth year at Cornell as a student, wants to welcome gays to the Republican party. Because, you know, the Republican party is all accepting and stuff, when it comes to gays.

    Except when they're not.

    To understand how Joe "College" Sabria can make these amazing leaps, one need only look at who his heroes are, which contains all we need to know about Joe:

    Contrary to liberals' assertions, Coulter's book is not an indictment of invective, nor is it a call for a "new tone" in Washington. In fact, Coulter is the antithesis of a "new tone" conservative. She says exactly what she thinks and does not hold back one iota. When she famously wrote of Arabs dancing in the street on 911, "we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity," she meant each and every word (and she was exactly right on all counts).

    With so many years in academia, Joe recently took it upon himself to counsel some up-and-coming college Republicans on the finer points of being a college conservative:

    I have some news for you - acting like an uncivilized savage does not mean that you have joined the great battle against political correctness. In order to be able to intelligently argue you must know what you are talking about. You must become well versed in political thought. For some of you, that means reading John Locke, John Stuart Mill, and the Federalist Papers. For others, that means watching Bill O'Reilly, listening to Rush Limbaugh, and reading Ayn Rand's novels. Still others may look to Milton Freidman, Frederick Hayek, and Walter Williams. Whatever you choose, you must have some idea what you are talking about.

    Personally, I can't wait to see what he becomes when he grows up...

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    This is probably a bad time for Harvey to ask for that raise again...

    Harvey Pitt may be taking a second job real soon. Not only didn't he get his raise, but Bush stiffed him and crawddaded back on the money he promised to the SEC.

    Less than three months ago, President Bush signed with great fanfare sweeping corporate antifraud legislation that called for a huge increase in the budget of the Securities and Exchange Commission to police corporate America and clean up Wall Street.

    Now the White House is backing off the budget provision and urging Congress to provide the agency with 27 percent less money than the new law authorized.


    Under the corporate clean-up legislation, the commission's budget — which for years has barely kept up with inflation, let alone the steep rise in stock ownership — was authorized to increase by 77 percent, to $776 million. But as Congress wrestles with the spending measures that actually appropriate money to federal agencies, the White House is requesting $568 million for the S.E.C., officials said, or an increase of about 30 percent over last year's budget of $438 million.

    Now, if we remember our current history, we have been told recently by thge administration that the war in Iraq (wghich Bush hasn't made up his mind on yet...snerk) is going to cost about a $200 billion dollars. So, if we like, you know, invaded Iraq a couple of days later, do you this we could throw some of that money the SEC's way? I didn't think so...

    Getting back to Harvey and his request for more money, I can't let pass a couple of great lines from the linked article:

    Harvey Pitt, the embattled chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, was acting on his own in asking Congress for a promotion and a raise, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Wednesday. ...

    Pitt, who chaired an SEC meeting Wednesday, did not mention the request and refused to answer questions from reporters afterward.

    SEC spokeswoman Christi Harlan defended Pitt's request to lawmakers.

    "It was an informal suggestion to the conference on behalf of the agency, to raise its profile to help investor confidence and to attract the most qualified accountants, lawyers and economists," she said. "It had nothing to do with the chairman."

    Pitt's lobbying efforts to elevate the SEC to full Cabinet status and to raise the chairman's salary from the present $138,200 to $166,700 was first reported in Wednesday's editions of The New York Times.

    Then there is the always reliable Ari Fleischer:

    "The president is focused on the strengthening of the SEC's structure and ability to fight fraud," Fleischer said. "That's where his focus is at. He's not focused on that issue"

    Anyone want to take a guess what was on Ari's Word of the Day calendar?

    Rittenhouse does a much better job on this than me.

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