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  • Monday, October 15, 2007


    Ain't to proud to beg

    How do conservatives who don't want to expand S-CHIP deal with the vagaries of financial stress in their own world?

    I'm glad you asked.

    Darleen Click:
    Keith Olbermann: child pimp [Darleen Click]

    Here’s Mommy and Daddy Frost last Wednesday, Oct. 10th

    While the family continues to support the vetoed bill that would expand the program to 4 million more children, they are hoping to remove themselves from the middle of the storm. After giving a few interviews, Halsey and Bonnie Frost now say they don’t want to say anything more, though network camera crews have planted themselves in front of their house.

    Daddy Frost, the SUV’s before health insurance/woodworking before full-time job guy, engaged in a little projection with sobsister Karen Tumulty

    “My son Graeme has helped put on a human face, that of a young boy, representing the needs of children and families across this nation. We are a hard working family that has stepped forward to support SCHIP. Mudslinging from the fringe has now been directed at the messenger.”

    No one has been attacking Graeme. The ire has been directed against Halsey and Lady Frost … who dither and expect their neighbors to pick up the slack. Cuz, like, they are entitled to a share of their neighbor’s paycheck regardless.
    Meet Darleen's daughter from Darleen's own blog
    No comment necessary.

    Rick Moran now:
    The Democrats just don’t get it. They didn’t get it when questions arose about the Frosts. They don’t get it now. And it is likely they will never get it because they refuse to ask the right questions.

    It’s not about income. It’s about choices. It’s about the kind of government we should have. It’s about freedom versus dependence, liberty versus slavery, self-reliance versus serfdom.
    Rick Moran then:
    This is the third June in a row that I have forthrightly and without any qualms asked the readers of Right Wing Nuthouse to donate funds to this site. And it is the last time I will make such a request.

    This is because by next June, I either won’t need the money or will have given up trying to write for a living.

    Of course, you are not exactly donating to “this site.” You would be giving money to me, Rick Moran – someone who no doubt has made you laugh, angered you, made you think, or perhaps moved you with his writing. I make no pretense to having a corner on truth, being a superior writer, or even having any special insight. The one quality that I hope you agree I have is honesty. So here it is.

    When Sue and I sat down in September of 2004 to decide whether or not I would try to make a living as a writer, we agreed that if I wasn’t contributing substantially to the household income by the end of 2007, I would give up the dream and return to the world of regular paychecks, health insurance, paid vacations, and in my case, 60 hour workweeks. To accomplish this, we recognized that we would have to live a spartan lifestyle, economize considerably, sacrifice many of the little pleasures in life we had come to take for granted, and pray that we both remained relatively healthy.

    This we have done. I have made no attempt to exaggerate our financial situation in the past to elicit sympathy nor will I do so now. The money you, my gentle readers, have given us has helped enormously. It has kept our heads above water which, if nothing else, has allowed us to live with a certain peace of mind. There are many of you I’m sure who know what I’m talking about. Living paycheck to paycheck can take a toll on one’s well being as you are constantly worrying about what might happen.

    The problem at this point is simple; events and circumstances have occurred over the last few months that have made it imperative that this particular request for donations succeed well beyond what we have been fortunate enough to receive in the past. Several unforeseen and unwelcome expenses have cropped up over the last few months that has us drowning in red ink.

    Now we are in no danger of being evicted or filing for bankruptcy. Nor is the repo guy going to show up anytime soon. Creditors are always willing to work with you if you talk with them and let them know that you fully intend to pay what you owe. But the fact is, I made another promise to my Zsu Zsu when she so selflessly agreed to be the primary breadwinner in the house; that if we ever started to live the way we are living now, I would give it up and go back to what I had been doing previously.
    I guess one man's wife is another man's serf.

    My point, and I do have one, is that some bloggers ask for money to keep their site afloat due to bandwidth or hosting costs. Others may ask because they suffer from an illness that doesn't allow them to work and, in fact, their blog may not only help to support them but might be the only way that they can announce to the world that, yes, they are still alive. You even have someone like Michael Yon or Michael Totten who use their online contributions to subsidize their Ernie Pyle/Walter Mitty fantasies, but at least they have left the friendly confines of their basements and put themselves in the line of fire. I've seen bloggers ask for financial help in order to replace a dying laptop or PC on its last legs, an eventuality that would preclude them from blogging...and I can understand that because it is an unanticipated expense and without it the blog goes dead. But, and maybe this is just the way I was brought up, I can't imagine going online and asking people, strangers, to give me money to pay for my basic needs or expenses that I should be taking care of as a healthy able-to-work adult just because I want to follow my dream. And then, then, to criticize a family with real needs. Holy crap, I couldn't hang my head low enough in shame and, believe me, you would never hear from me again.

    I'm sure there is some "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers" or "there but for the grace of God" lesson in all of this, but, for the life of me, I'm really having trouble seeing it right now.


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