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  • Monday, October 16, 2006


    Vichy Feminist

    Mr. & Mrs. Pantload

    Accordingly to the innocuously named College Sports Council:
    The College Sports Council is a national coalition of coaches, athletes, parents, and fans who are devoted to preserving and promoting the student athlete experience.
    And, providing you're not anti-college sports (and there is a lot to be anti about), the CSC sounds like a worthwhile group working to promote fitness in our flabby society.

    If you're a Penis-American, that is...
    Activities of the organization include:
    * Saving sports programs.
    Members of the CSC have comprehensive, hands on experience in working with college programs threatened with termination. The CSC is the only national multi- sport coalition devoted to the preservation of collegiate athletic teams.

    * Title IX reform.
    The CSC is the leading organization working for reform of Title IX regulations that have led to the widespread elimination of opportunities for male athletes.
    Male athletes.

    And who is behind the CSC?

    The wrestlers, the gymnasts, and the swimmers. You'll notice that two out of the three groups represent men exclusively so let's not pretend that this group is anything less than a support group for male sports...not that there is anything wrong with that. These groups are fighting for survival on college campuses that see smaller non-revenue sports eliminated because of declining budgets or the constraints of Title IX. But it's Title IX that really has their tights/Speedoes in a bunch (not, say 100 member football rosters or multi-million dollar coaches salaries), but they would have looked like a bunch of whiners if they had called themselves the North American Man-Coach Athletic Association. There'd be other problems with that name too, but we don't want to go there.

    But the College Sports Council they are, and they have work to do, but how to go about it without looking like the Sweaty Collegiate He-Man Women-Athlete-Haters Club? They could have hired former wrestling coach Dennis Hastert to lobby for them, but he's got his hands full these days and I'm not talking about a Muta Lock. No, they went out and got themselves a spokeswoman from the equally innocuous sounding Independant Women's Forum:
    The College Sports Council (CSC) announced today that Title IX expert Jessica Gavora has joined the organization as Communications Director.

    Gavora is a writer, public policy expert and author of Tilting the Playing Field: Schools, Sports, Sex and Title IX. She previously served as the founder and leader of the Play Fair Project of the Independent Women's Forum, a Washington, DC group dedicated to equal opportunity for women.

    "Jessica has always been a leader on the issue of Title IX reform. She is a gifted communicator with tremendous expertise in public policy. She is the perfect person to make the case for ending the senseless damage inflicted on our college athletes by the gender quota. I think I speak for everyone in the College Sports Council in saying that we are very excited to have Jessica on our team," said Leo Kocher, CSC President.

    "This is a match made in heaven," said Gavora. "The College Sports Council is out there on the ground, every day, ensuring that both men and women have equality before the law in collegiate athletics. I look forward to bringing my knowledge of the politics and policy of Title IX to their good work."

    In addition to her work for the Independent Women's Forum, Gavora previously served as speechwriter and senior policy advisor at the Department of Justice. She is currently a consultant for Gingrich Communications, a company headed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
    Yes. They hired Mrs. Jonah Goldberg because she is worried about equality for women:
    As Secretary Paige and the Bush administration contemplate regulatory changes to Title IX based on Thursday's votes by the commission, they will be wise to remember that the proportionality test has not always been the sole standard of compliance with the law. The proportionality test was created in 1979 as one part of a three-part test that, like the commission's recommendations, also purported to take into account different levels of interest and ability in athletics among men and women. But over the years, bureaucrats have worked hand-in-hand with women's activists and trial lawyers to make the three-part test a one-part test of statistical proportionality. And as long as the clear, quantifiable, but deeply illiberal proportionality test is on the books, it will be the refuge sought by judges faced with difficult questions of equity — and the socially engineered outcome promoted by feminists and their lawyers.

    For all the sturm and drang that has accompanied the deliberations of the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics, its word will not be the final word on Title IX. The recommendations of the commission will be forwarded to the education secretary in a report next month. The hard, politically perilous work of reform will be left to the Bush administration. Aware of this, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle took a page from the feminists' playbook in a statement on Title IX earlier this week. "If the president refuses to defend Title IX," Daschle said, "its supporters in Congress will."

    For the sake of fairness for both girls and boys, let's hope that the preemptive strategy of Daschle and the feminist gender warriors fails to achieve its objective.
    Using a woman, albeit one who is hostile to womens sports, to push their point gives them with the same kind of cover that Michelle Malkin provides to Fox news when they want to do a little brown people bashing. In fact, George Bush's Title IX committee that everyone loves to cite was fairly egregious when it comes to facts and "consensus" as one may see from letters sent to the commision bycommision members Julie Foudy and Donna de Varona. Just like the commision was cover for the Bush administration's anti-woman policies, so is Gavora cover for the coaches that dare not speak their name.

    Nice work if you can get it...

    (Added) Two notes...first you can read more on Title IX here. Secondly, as most of you know, I have a" daughter in this hunt', to coin a phrase, who is currently going on recruiting trips to several universities that have expressed an interest in her as both a student and an athlete. So, yes, I'm biased.


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