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  • Thursday, July 14, 2005


    From unemployed assistant fry-cook
    trainee to Congressman in one year.
    This is our quest.
    Our American Dream

    It's wrong to kick someone when they're down, but if making fun of The Coward Nathan Taylor (kind of like The Outlaw Josey Wales, but less mythic) is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    Nathan was a boy once, a boy with a dream:

    Although he won't turn 24 until August, Nathan Taylor has already gained a tremendous amount of experience in the political realm.

    The 1993 graduate of Eldorado High School has reshaped his once-passing interest in government to transform himself into an up-and-coming player in Nevada politics.

    A self-described "artistic eccentric" who focused on performing in the choir during his teen years, Taylor said his interests gradually shifted to governmental affairs as he saw more of the world.

    "Never at the time in high school did I think I'd be involved in politics," Taylor said. "I wanted to be a singer. But as I got into my early 20s, it all changed. I thought I could make a difference politically."

    After working for various businesses in Reno and Southern Nevada, Taylor said he felt a need to run for office in 1997 when he began gathering supporters and rasing funds to prepare for his election dreams.

    In 1998, he made an unsuccessful bid for the state Assembly. After losing the District 3 election by slightly more than 1,200 votes to Democratic candidate John Lee, Taylor received a number of job offers from people he had encountered on the campaign trail.

    "I was one of the youngest people to ever run for that position; I think people saw me as a go-getter and they were interested in seeing me continue to work for them in a different way," Taylor said. "I got a lot of calls."


    "Nathan has got a natural feel for politics," said Rick Henry, who supervised Taylor's efforts during the campaigns for Las Vegas city councilmen Michael J. McDonald and Gary Reese. "He understands who runs what and who you need to go to to get things done, and that makes him a great strategist. He's always ahead of the game."


    Said Henry: "Not too many people want to get into politics at that age, and the fact that a state senator trusts him to run his community office says a lot. He's got endless energy and he's extremely aggressive, which I think really sets him apart."

    Taylor doesn't plan to relax anytime soon. He hopes to be elected to the United States Congress by the time he reaches 30.

    "The way I look at it, I've got six more years to grow and make myself a better candidate," Taylor said.

    You know, Nathan kind of reminds me of me (except that I'm better looking and I'm not a loser). I remember being his age and wanting to change the world, end war, eradicate poverty, feed the hungry, and have leggy supermodels show up at my doorstep begging me to show them a series of unique and death-defying sexual positions. And I thought that I could do this by blogging (although that was 1979 and blogging was still a dream that some other twenty-four year old was having). Well things didn't turn out that way. Oh sure, the models still show up from time to time, but somedays I'm too distracted by all that war/poverty/hunger stuff that's still going on and I can hardly generate enough enthusiam to attempt the Flying Mobius or the Illegal-in-Seven-States ChexMix. So, you can see, that some dreams are just never meant to be fulfilled. ( Heavy sigh....wistful look). Oops...sorry. But enough about me... let's get back to The Cowardly Nathan:

    Nevada's chapter of the Young Republicans has basically imploded, leaving its chairman with up to $25,000 in personal debt and allegations that he mishandled money.

    All but three people have resigned from the statewide group, but the fallout could prove increasingly embarrassing to the entire state Republican Party.

    Today, the chairman of the group, Reno resident Nathan Taylor, plans to hold a press conference attacking three of the state's party leaders -- Sen. John Ensign, Rep. Jim Gibbons and Rep. Jon Porter.

    Taylor argues that the state's Republican delegation should have helped him fund the national Young Republican convention held last week at Mandalay Bay.

    "I've got bills at the hotel I can't pay," said Taylor, a 29-year-old political science senior at UNR who said he had to quit his food service job and drop classes to plan the convention.

    Taylor estimates that the convention, attended by about 600 people from around the nation, is at least $10,000 -- and up to $25,000 -- in the red.

    As the chairman, he said he'll personally have to cough up the cash.

    "It's a really sad day when my congressmen and my senator, who are sitting on millions, can't cut me a check for $25,000," Taylor said. "I don't think I'm asking for much."

    Representatives of the congressional delegation remained mum on the press conference, with Porter campaign consultant Mike Slanker simply saying, "I wish him well in his future after politics."


    So I'm guessing that he's going to have to put off running for that Congressional seat for about...forever.

    Goodbye, The Coward Nathan Taylor.

    Hello, Would You Like Fries With That? Nathan Taylor.


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