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  • Friday, March 19, 2004


    Only the hottest bands..okay, they're not really that hot...actually that's my mom on drums. But she's really really good and she lets us use the minivan.

    So I'm reading about the latest little Freedom of Expression case where some teenager feels he's being oppressed (which is so uncommon in teens these days) and I come across "Rock For Life - a pro-life youth organization". Well, I had to go look:

    RFL is committed to offering the truth about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia to America's youth through music and ministry.

    Young people are being deceived and manipulated by the music industry! Many of today's popular artists speak out for abortion rights and raise money for pro-abortion causes. They are feeding our youth with the lie that abortion is not only an answer to their problems, but a right they must fight to protect.

    To counter this assault on young people, Rock For Life works to bring together bands who stand for the truth - that life is sacred from fertilization until natural death - with no exceptions, no compromise, and no apologies. Rock for Life is dedicated to this fight until abortion is abolished and a respect for the gift of life is restored.

    Dude! I am so there. So who are these bands that so totally Rock for Life and God and stuff? That would be these guys;

    5 Minute Major, 5 Bucks Short, 7000Years, 13th Tribe, a second too late, Adam's Rib, Agnus Dei, All Star United, All Access, Alter-Ego, Alleged, Already Famous, America Gomorrah, Ammi, Angelina, the Polka Queen & King Ira, Angel Mine, Annie's Apology, Anti-Blue, AOK, Apologetix, Apostles of Rock, Ashfield, Ascension, Assignment Vine, Asight Unseen, The Asylum, aT a GLaNCE, Audio Adrenaline, Aunt Martha, Autumn Hates Winter, Autumn War, BioGenesis, Big Tent Revival, Blackball, The Blamed, Blindside, b.l.i.n.d, Bloodshed, Bob David, Bride, Brian Ferry, Broomtree, Broken Chain, Buck Enterprises, Burnside Cadillac, Calicoes, Cannibal Culture, Cast Out, Caravan 2:11, The Carry Outs, catawbadeathsquad, Cathy Sanders, Gary Cherone (Former Extreme, Van Halen Member), Chasm, Christafari, Chrome Donuts, Chis Lindsay Electronic, Christ Connection, Clash Of Symbols, The Clergy, the colorside, Cool Hand Luke, Common Children, Comunalien, Cranium, Crashdog, Crispin, Crisis 112, Critical Mass, Crucified, Crux, Dan Numbers, Danger To Self Death, Through Adam, Decree, The Dietrichs, dEnied, Desert Juniper, Devoted Molded, Dirt, The Discarded, Disciple, distraught, Dogwood, DWELL, eephus, Eklezia, the Echoing Green, Effatha's Fiend, Elroy, encounter, Eternal Death Strike, Evermore, Every Day Life, Fade Out, Fade 2 White, Fatal Charm, Finger Prints of God, Fine China, Five Iron Frenzy, Five O'clock People, Five Ways from Sunday, Fish Stix, Fifth Wheel, Five Thousand Fed, Flight 180, Focal point, Focused, Fold Zandura, forget about emily, Foreknown, The Forgiven, Forthwright, xFrontlinex, Galactic Cowboys, G.C.P, Ghoti Hook, Gideon's Press, Gifty, Glisten, Godcomplex, Grace for the Fallen, Grammatrain, Gransane, Havalina Rail Co., Hardiment, Headnoise, Heaven's Burning, Beki Hemmingway, HOLISTIC, Homesick, House of Wires, Huntingtons, Hyperstatic Union, Hypo 12%, Infant Discarded, Inflict, Inscribed, The Israelites, Israell-Dei, The Insyders, J.L.F.S, Jeni Varnadeau, Jennifer's Regret, Jesse and the Rockers, Jimmy Ordinary, Joshua Generation, Joseph Experimental, Jobe, Joy Electric, Justin Good, Kavanah Star, Kamikaze Friday, Kemper Crab, The Killer Seat Belts, King Pin Wrecking Crew, The Kry, The Lakepipes, Larry Norman, Lec Zorn, Lent, Left Out, Leprosy of the Soul, Life In Your Way, Linus, Lions Den, Living Sacrifice, Long Goodnight, Love Bomb, Madison Greene, Makeshift, Mark Oshinski, Mary-Louise Kurey, Maybe Tuesday, MC Hammer, McCabe, Mediatrix, Mercy 78, Mercy St., Mercy's Wake, Messenger, Metropolis, Mindset7, Mike Devine (ex 2 Live Crew), Morella's Forest, Mortal, Motor Mouth, MxPx, Nailed Promise, negative-zero, Neutral Agreement, Nickel Plated Punk, No Compromise, No Innocent Victim, Nobody Special, No Purchase Necessary, No Substance, Not Yet, Nova One, Narcissus, NITCH, Nu Kreashun, O2, Octane Blue, Officer Negative, One Bad Pig, ONE CROSS, onedayheard, One Less Addiction, One Way Ticket, Orville Conspiracy, Ordinary Day, Overcome, The Over-Reactors, Patience is Suffering, Pax217, Pensive, Pep Squad, Persevere, Piqqadown, Plankeye, P.O.D, Poor old lu, Poor John, Precious Death, Prescription, This Present Darkness, Prodigal Sons, Project For Pablo, Quest, Racket and Drapes, Radar Cookiejar, Raspberry Jam, Ravage Downfall, Refuge, Red Shoed Star, Remember When, Remission, REV21, The Right Youth, Ripped Upheart, Rise, Robi, The Rock Band, Rocket Rats, RockSalt, Safe Haven, Sandra Fields, Saviour Machine, Times 7, Scarecrow and Tinmen, Scatered Few, Sean Forrest, The Second Thought Project, The Sentenels, Severance, Shorthanded, Shutout, Silage, Singlestone, Sisterpete, Six Feet Deep, Skateyate, Sky's the Limit, Slick Shoes, Society's Finest, Soda Cans Only, Sometime Sunday, Some Great Angst, Solace, Soulfood 76, SoulSeed, Spitfire, Spooky Dawn, Spyglass Blue, Squad-5-0, Stale, Starflyer 59, Steadfast, Stellar, Stereo Deluxx, Straight and Narrow, Strongarm, Subject 2 Blackout, Supertones, Switched Up, Svetlana Marie Sejrah~Charlotte, TANTRUM of the THE MUSE, Three On One, Through and Through, Tim Urich, Times of Silence, Torn N2, Tragedy Ann, TriGger, Twin Sister, Twitch, Unabridged, Unashamed, Unchained, Veer Chasm, Vessel, Visitor 3, Viva Voce, The W's, Warlord, Warp Factor 9, Water2Wine, Wedding Party, Wendy Baily, Windsor, Wilby Dunn, Willing To Bleed, YUTZ, X-conformist, ZAO, ZOEgirl

    (No! Not TANTRUM of the THE MUSE and The Killer Seat Belts!)

    Anyway, with bands like that it may be difficult get to get tickets for Summer Tour 2004: The Ain't Nobody Getting Laid but the Roadies Tour, so you might want to pick up the CD right here. Best of all, it's cheaper than a box of condoms.

    And remember "life is sacred from fertilization". This is refered to as the Rock For Life Masturbation Loophole.

    Make good use of it.

    And rock on.


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