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  • Saturday, November 30, 2002


    But enough about me...let's talk about me...

    Peggy Noonan took time out from her Thanksgiving holidays to, well, lie about Tom Daschle so she can whine and ask for the country's pity while saying that she never asks for the country's pity because that would be...whining. You really have to read it:

    Let me not pick on a teenager, for teenagers are by definition unfinished. They often confuse their needs and wants with the world's. Let's pick on adults. Let's pick on Tom Daschle.

    He, as a leader of a great political party, is an example-setter for the young. Some of them might look to him as a famous man who knows how to be an adult. After the dreadful showing of the Democrats in the election he held a news conference in which he famously blamed Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio talk show hosts for inciting people to . . . well, to not liking Tom Daschle. Rush says mean things about Tom. His listeners, who Tom Daschle subtly suggests are possibly unstable and insane--how could they not be, they're conservative--get a little too excited when they hear Rush, and start to make rude sounds. "The threat level goes up," says Tom Daschle.

    Oh, please. Boo hoo. When people disagree with you they criticize you. When you're trying to tell an entire nation how to live, which is what big-time politics comes down to now, some people will fight back with terrible weapons such as sarcasm, irony and vulgarity. They will sometimes be mean. So what?

    Whoa there, little filly. Let's look at what Tom Daschle said (according to faux media journalist, Howard Kurtz):

    The conservative radio host has been all over the tube this week accusing Daschle of "whining," while casting himself as a champion of free speech and generally reveling in the attention that the senator has bestowed on him.

    "What happens when Rush Limbaugh attacks those of us in public life is that people aren't just content to listen," Daschle told reporters. "People want to act because they get emotional . . . and the threats to those of us in public life go up dramatically, against us and against our families, and it's very disconcerting." He compared Limbaugh's "shrill" tone to that of violent fundamentalists abroad.

    Let's review what Peggy said again:

    His listeners, who Tom Daschle subtly suggests are possibly unstable and insane

    Now Tom:

    "What happens when Rush Limbaugh attacks those of us in public life is that people aren't just content to listen....People want to act because they get emotional . . . and the threats to those of us in public life go up dramatically, against us and against our families"

    I'm still looking for the subtle suggestion that Daschle said these people are "...possibly unstable and insane". Under most circumstances I would bow to Peggy's expertise in this matter, using the time-tested axiom that it "takes one to know one", but, unless the Americans With Disabilities Act adds sexual hysteria as a covered disability, I'm not going to let her slide with 'shading' the story just so that she can vent farther down the page. To wit:

    My political philosophy is conservative. I am pro-life. I live in New York City, surrounded by modern people. They are mostly left-wing, they are all pro-choice, many of them passionately and even furiously so. I have written books saying Ronald Reagan is a great man and Hillary Clinton is a bad woman. I know something about being a target, and I know something about hate mail. I have received not hundreds but thousands of the most personal and obscene denunciations; I have received death threats; I have been threatened with blackmail; I have been informed that I do not deserve to live; I have received a three page typed double spaced letter with perfect grammar and syntax the first sentence of which was "Dr. Ms Noonan, Let me explain to you why you are a . . ." and here I cannot suggest the word used. But damned if he didn't make a good case. I used to hear regularly from a woman who'd tell me she hopes I have a brain hemorrhage.

    I have never talked about this because I would consider speaking of it both self-pitying and self-aggrandizing. But there's another reason. I'm a grownup. I know you pay a price for the stands you take.

    Which is, of course, why she takes the opportunity to mention it. But she's not whining, you see, or looking for pity or attention. Oh no, she wants Daschle to be A MAN and take it like a man, because if there is one thing that Peggy loves, it's men. Big manly, testosterone-soaked, manly, male men. Up column she reverted back to her post 9-11 NY-Fireman-moist-panty stalking mode:

    We are a big muscle-bound nation. We are so physically strong! We have muscles and missiles and more.

    Muscles and missiles and more....oh my!

    I have often refered to Peggy as the Blanche DuBois of the Wall Street Journal. But with this latest outburst of sexual aggression I have to amend my appraisal. I'm leaning more towards the voracious Sue Ann Nivens from the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

    God help us all...the men, especially....

    posted by tbogg at 9:16 PM



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