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  • Sunday, March 04, 2007


    "Harm doers"

    The very 'special' commentors at Hot Air make plans to protect Our Lady of the Concentration Camps from Cowardly Pacifists Who Kill!1!!!!!:
    Bryan and Stakelbeck were there, so there wouldn’t have been much the stalker could’ve done.

    That’s like having Klaatu and Gort in your corner…

    ScottMcC on March 3, 2007 at 10:02 PM

    In reality, that assessment is completely unrealistic!

    People often don’t respond to violent attack very quickly or reliably, mainly because it is traumatic and sends people’s minds into a kind of confusion.

    The photo clearly shows Stark standing abreast Michelle Malkin. He could have injured her, or, if he chose to, he could have murdered her. I do not assume that Bryan and Stakelbeck would have reacted to anything Stark would have done before a delay in which their intellect and emotions were first shocked by what was taking place.

    Bryan and Stakelbeck might first freeze in their tracks, if they even noticed anything taking place, and gone through a period of wondering if something was taking place, if this was “REALLY” happening, and if they should do something.

    Then, once they decided that they might do something, they would most likely go into a process of deciding just what they might do. Should they tell someone? Should they ask Michelle what is going on? Should they ask the guy what is going on?

    We don’t know at which point that anyone would have actually gone over to Stark and man handled him, and put an end to whatever nonsense he had time to initiate!

    The best bet is don’t let anyone get NEAR Michelle or anyone else, until the person is vented, and escorted. No one should be allowed to get to Michelle! Keep them away, and, keep barriers between Michelle and the public, and always keep an escape route for Michelle! Always have a first, second, and third way out should she be cornered.

    The atmosphere could remain friendly, a table between Michelle and her public is not an unfriendly obstacle, but it does present some protection in keeping harm doers from having a free, unobstructed passage.

    Those protecting Michelle should be resolved to attack, and disable as quickly as possible, anyone who lays a single hand on her, but beware, the first action could be a diversion, so she should be huddled by those who protect her and moved to a safe location, a location which is guarded to maintain its safety. You do not wish to move her to an unsecured location and find that the location is populated by violent thugs just waiting to do their dirty business. Someone should be there to ensure than no one sneaks into the safe room. It should not be an unattended, unsupervised location.

    There should also be a quick communication with the police. It should not take an hour or two to get police officers to the location.

    Another problem with “volunteering” to guard Michelle, or anyone else, is that you stand a chance of ending up in prison. Should someone attack Michelle and should any of us intervene, the perp can easily be found to be a victim, and the persons who rescue Michelle could be found the be culpable of some offense.

    I’d like to either volunteer or hire out to set up security for Michelle and others, and also to personally oversee her direct safety, yet I have a family, a wife and three children, and I would not wish to end up in prison for protecting her or Coulter, or Limbaugh, or anyone else. The law is not always fair or just, and many a good Samaritan is in prison for doing the right thing.

    Best bet, keep people away from Michelle. Keep obstacles between Michelle and the public. Keep a safe room available and secured. Keep several escape routes available for a quick escape. And those who protect her should not all be right up with her. They should be unknown and should be able to swarm her and cover her like a football huddle, and escort her off to safety, while others doing security for her should be mixing in the crowd, ready to do whatever is necessary to stop attacks and help in whatever way the can.

    Quick point, if you do security for someone like Michelle, you must have good people working with you. People you can rely on, people who will take orders, do exactly what you tell them, when you tell them. If you say “Stop the guy in the gray suit and red tie,” You don’t hesitate to stop the guy in the gray suite and red tie. If he resists, stop means stop, so you knock him on his ass, and your fellow security persons make sure to get him off his feet and incapacitated immediately. You don’t play games, you don’t play patta-cake, you don’t play compassion and love. You play, take this target out NOW! and you do it NOW!

    You must also use less intense tactics to make sure to deflate the situation so that the more severe situation does not manifest, alternatives like those I’ve mentioned above, such as keeping people away from Michelle, walking over to possible perpetrator and engaging them in conversation, redirecting them away from your client, or protected person. Active security is powerful, effective security.


    William2006 on March 3, 2007 at 11:12 PM
    Michelle Malkin: The Princess Di of the Mouthbreather Set


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